On any given day 88 million people are held captive by drugs and/or alcohol in America. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that in America 52,000 people lost their life to a Drug Overdose in the 2016. If we were losing 1,000 people a week in automobile accidents, there would be an outcry from consumer groups so loud that the car companies would surely take action. If we were losing 1,000 people a week to some exotic disease, there would be such an outcry from families who lost love ones, that our medical community would take immediate action. Yet we are losing 1,000 mothers, fathers, son, daughters, and friends each week, yet no one cries out for this crisis to be addressed.
But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are seeing children being born, addicted because their mothers used drugs while they were pregnant. With the mothers not being unable to take care for the baby, the babies are being placed in our foster care system. This is not only a financial burden, but possibly the seeds of the second, and perhaps, third generation of drug addicts; the drug epidemic has gone generational.
We are also seeing communicable diseases like Hepatitis A, Aids, and HIV, spreading almost unchecked because of illicit drug use. Yet, there is no outcry from the community for a solution. How long can we stand by, how long can we be silent as this drug epidemic consumes our nation. I cannot be silent, I can’t stand by, I can’t watch another family bury yet another young person because of a drug overdose.
I have committed the resources of the Blue Water Area Rescue Mission to fight this epidemic in our community, but, it is not enough. I need your help. I need you to write, call, or e-mail your state and local officials, and demand that they do something to fight this drug epidemic. I also need your financial support.
BWARM needs to expand our current facility to meet the growing needs within our community. BWARM offers a holistic faith based treatment program that treats the body, mind, and spirit. Even though BWARM incorporates the tenants of Christianity in every aspect of our programs, we accept people of all faiths and people of no faith. We want to be a positive force for change within our community, and we need you help to do it. Please consider a gift to the rescue mission, there is no gift to big, or to small, God will bless and use each one to His Glory.

Rev Arnie Koontz
Executive Director
Blue Water Area Rescue Mission



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