Tim's New Home

A New Home

Tim | Past Guest of BWARM |

Most people thought because I worked at the power plant I made big money, but that just was not true. You see a coal handler is a glorified janitor, it was our job to clean up the coal dust because it is so explosive. We were contract labors not union people, we made minimum wage but I loved my job, and I worked hard. I was proud to work at the power plant and I would walk every day from South Park in Port Huron to the power plant in St. Clair and then walk home again. But, when my health got bad I could not walk as fast as I used to, I would be late for work from time to time, and it was not to long before I was called into the office and let go for being late for work. Soon after I lost my job, I lost my apartment and was forced to live with relatives, but they had their own families and I was just another mouth to feed. After some tough times on the streets I found my way to the Blue Water Area Rescue Mission where I met Pastor Arnie and Ms. Debbie. With no questions asked they took me in and treated me just like one of their own family. I started going to church and attending chapel services at the mission. I began to realize that God really did love me, and He had a plan for my life, and all I had to do was to trust in Him. Through the rehabilitation and job’s programs at the mission I was able to go to Michigan Rehabilitation Services and got a part time job working at the cemetery raking leaves. Debbie and Arnie helped me with my Social Security and after being denied three times I finally got my disability. Through the financial saving programs at the mission I was able to save enough money for an apartment but Ms. Debbie encouraged me to think about buying my own house. My credit was terrible so we worked on paying off my past debts and establishing my credit with a local bank. All the while we looked for just the right house, not to big, not to small, but one that I could take care of, and close to the mission, church, and my job at the cemetery. Then on October 10, 2016 I became a proud home owner in the city I love; it’s not too big, it’s not too small, for me it’s just right. If it had not been for the mission and all the love and guidance I received from Ms. Debbie and Pastor Arnie I don’t know where I would be today. Please help support the mission, you never know the next guest at the mission could be someone you know.