Fundraisers / Supply Drives

You can donate proceeds from your fundraising events such as a homeless sleep outs, birthday dedications, concerts, a percentage of your business’ daily sales or host a supply drive for our urgently needed supplies in “high traffic” locations, large group meetings or area events. To schedule a fundraiser, please e-mail us by clicking click here.

“Gifts-in-Kind” Giving Opportunities

Clothing for men of all ages and sizes are needed. Clothing should be in wearable condition since there are no facilities to launder or repair clothing. Clothing may be delivered directly to the Rescue Mission.

Automobiles, trucks, boats and farming equipment:
Donated automobiles and trucks are often used to replace existing Rescue Mission vehicles when a donated vehicle is newer or in better condition than a existing vehicle.

Secondly, we can sell a donated vehicle, boat or farm equipment and place the sales price in the general fund of the Rescue Mission to purchase goods or to provide services for clients. Please call Arnie at 810-956-0768 to arrange the donation of a vehicle, boat or farm equipment.

Household Items:
Small appliances, major appliances and furniture are needed to assist clients in setting up housekeeping. Also, the Rescue Mission has an ongoing need for automatic washers, dryers, sofas and chairs for program facilities and those leaving the Rescue Mission with housing. Pickup of small appliances, major appliances and furniture is available by special arrangement by clicking click here to contact us via email directly.

Refrigerators and freezers must be in working order with a remaining life expectancy of at least two years. The laws governing the disposal of unusable refrigeration equipment can result in fees as high as $100 per item to dispose of non-working equipment. Therefore, we are unable to accept refrigeration equipment that leaks freon or doesn’t work. We can arrange disposal of such items on a per item, per cost basis.